I Design and Develop Modern Web Sites and Applications.

Resolving problems into beautifully crafted solutions is an intrinsic drive for me. That helped me build sustainable and efficient products and operations in the past. Now I build on the internet, with code.

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Recent Projects

Below are some of the projects I want you to see. I always aim for the best and always design and develop using best practices and modern technologies. One thing to mention is that I love JavaScript. Mostly I use Typescript, React, Next.js, Node.js, Express and Bootstrap in my projects.


About Me

I am an engineer by trade and a problem solver by nature. I enjoy working on problems, creating elegant solutions and improving processes around me; to make the world a little bit better for everyone. I happen to be building applications.

I was a Project Manager/Systems Engineer for more than 10 years. My responsibilities included but not limited to R&D, systems engineering, project planning, project management, team leading, etc. Throughout my professional career, I gained extensive experience in engineering, process and product management. You can see all the details in my resume.

I have always had in my mind to make a career change to software industry. I believed for quite some time that coding and building for the web are the most asymmetric advantages one can have in Internet Era.

During COVID lockdown in March 2020, I finally made the leap and started studying web development. And I realized that my neverending interest in coding (dating back to 1996) became a great advantage. Those experiences provided me a solid foundation. Now I building things that live on the internet, while I continue learning new stuff everyday and educate myself without a break.

I like to think that I possess polymathic thinking skills and one day I hope to proudly call myself a polymath. I am relentlessly passionate about design, architecture and software engineering paradigms and constantly looking to put my skills and experience to a new and interesting challenge.

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Recent Writings

As a good practice, I try to document everything happening around me: my reflections, decision making processes, routines, etc. When I solve a problem, I formulise the solution in a repeatable manner and document it. Therefore, My writings may vary a lot, but you will find them very useful.


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I can provide end to end development, or spesific services according to project requirements. You can see the services I offer throughout the development lifecycle here. Click them for more information.

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